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Most people have experienced dryness and discomfort in their skin at some point in their life. But dealing with dry, rough and bumpy skin can reach a whole new level of feeling anxious and embarrassed with compromised self-confidence. Bumpy skin (also referred to as keratosis pilaris, chicken skin or strawberry skin) affects 40%+ of the world’s population. It is not pleasing to the eye and can feel like prickly sandpaper. For bumpy skin sufferers – we’ve developed a custom exfoliating body lotion and the ‘skinrefit 4-step etiquette’ to help bring your confidence and inner & outer glow to a whole new level.

—skinrefit’s smooth skin connoisseurs

Leg With KP

Bumps associated with Keratosis Pilaris can appear as dry, acne-like white or reddish-colored goosebumps on the skin.