Stressed Out? It Shows on Your Skin.

by | Jun 28, 2022 | 0 comments

Try to relax. Try to eliminate the stress in your life. Who are they kidding?

Life is full of little (and not so little) stresses. Those stresses add up and affect everything from your hair, nails, digestion, weight and especially your skin. When we are stressed out, the body starts cranking out cortisol, a hormone that helps produce extra oils (shiny complexions and clogged pores), stomach aches (slowing digestion), weak nails (breakage), weight gain (love handles) and premature aging (wrinkles and uneven tone).

Ironically, stress tends to stress us out and affect us more. When we start seeing these subtle changes, if we don’t address them, we tend to neglect them. We eat more, exercise less and tend to neglect our daily routines from sleep to walks to skincare. The results range from poor nutritional choices, lack of adequate sleep, nail biting breakouts, deeper wrinkles, skin issues, like rosacea and Keratosis Pilaris, and even depression.

What can we do? While reducing stress seems impossible at times, it may be easier to control it. Follow routines, no matter how hard or out of the realm of reality it may seem. As an example, not many of us really enjoy exercising, however, when we do, whether a full workout at the gym, a 20-minute walk or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, we do feel better. Once we catch our breath, we feel a little more confident and in control and that flushed skin? It’s telling you you’ve got things circulating and moving – which is a positive for your mind, body and soul.

Fight the good fight against the “S” word by sticking with a plan.

  • Get that daily exercise. Take the dog for a walk. Sign up for Pilates or yoga. Low impact works!

  • Pass up the chips and ice cream (or try to). Crunchy cucumbers and hummus or grilled veggies on a pita with a drizzle of balsamic will help you, and your digestion, feel better: less sluggish.

  • Drink that water! Colder water can help speed up metabolism and there are several flavored waters that are available in refreshing flavors like black cherry, grape and tangerine.

  • Power down and get good sleep. Leave the phone out of reach and shut off the TV.

  • Treat Yourself. A manicure or pedicure (or both) is very soothing and relaxing. A foot and leg massage can definitely help lower stress levels.

  • Don’t take on more than you can handle. We only have 24 hours a day and 8 of those should be spent sleeping. We shouldn’t be completely occupied for the remaining 16 hours. Work, family life, social events, volunteering can fill up your schedule. Build in some self-care time.

Don’t neglect yourself, or your skin. A daily and nightly routines will keep skin in optimal condition and keep conditions like adult acne, rosacea and the bumpy skin condition Keratosis Pilaris under control.

Skinrefit. Exfoliating Body Lotion, the dual-action exfoliator and body lotion, will keep skin looking and feeling smooth with natural oils and extracts. And it is vegan and paraben, cruelty and fragrance free.

So, shove that stress aside. Calm your mind. Streamline your schedule. Stress less and stick to your routine (including selfless self-care). Your skin will literally reflect your efforts – in a good way.

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